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Asking Your Friends to be Bridesmaids

Once you have the ring and the date set, you need to gather your trusty bridal party! Asking your friends to share the big day with you can be fun as fun as a girls night out. We’re sharing some of our favorites!

How adorable is this French-inspired bridesmaid gift? Your bridesmaids will simply adore the little touches of Paris, with yummy macaroons to snack on and sweet, floral-scented hand creme to indulge with!

Chicago-Chicago Wedding Planner-Bridal Party

{Image courtesy of The Peak of Trés Chic}

This precious gift comes from the one and only Sprinkles cupcake bakery. You can request to have a special decoration placed on the top of a cupcake of your choice for example a ring or pink heart. Then it can be placed in an individual favor box, and you can even have them put an “I Do” sticker around the box! This is a great way to pop the question to a friend, and who wouldn’t say yes with a delicious cupcake, especially from Sprinkles?!

Sprinkles Cupcakes-Bridal Party-Chicago-Chicago Wedding Planner

 {Image courtesy of Aisle Dash}

Sprinkles Cupcakes-Chicago-Chicago Wedding Planner-Bridal Party

{Image courtesy of Tumblr}

Here’s another great idea for “cracking” the question to a friend. This festive pink fortune cookie is just right for a fun, playful group of friends! Your bridesmaids are meant to be there to fulfill your wishes, so why not grant their wish to be apart of your bridal party?

Chicago-Chicago Wedding Planner-Bridal Party

 {Image courtesy of The Knot}

This idea is so simple, yet so whimsical and perfect! It has to be one of my favorite ideas so far. The beautiful silk texture of the ribbon, and rich purple color of the card create an “Alice in Wonderland” affect that draws you in to unlock the wonders ahead.

Bridal Party-Chicago-Chicago Wedding Planner

Chicago Wedding Planner-Chicago-Bridal Party

 {Images courtesy of The Knot}

Trying to think of a cute way to ‘pop’ that special question to your friends? Well here’s a great solution! These flavorful ring pops will bring the kid out in your bridesmaids, and give them their own gem to rock!

Bridal Party-Chicago Wedding Planner-Chicago

 {Image courtesy of Pinterest}




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