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Women in Business: Cristina G Photography

Happy Tuesday, friends! I’m so excited to continue our Women in Business series this week with an amazing lady: Cristina G of Cristina G Photography! We had the pleasure of working with Cristina last year on Megs and Ray’s wedding, and we cannot wait to work with her again this year! Get to know her!


What do you do? 
I am a studio owner & photographer. I specialize in wedding photography.
Why did you get started?
I started out doing architectural photography and graphic design/marketing for a high end architectural firm in Chicago. Wedding photography found me initially when I was asked to photograph a friend’s big day. She wanted her downtown Chicago wedding captured with an emphasis on the beautiful architecture of the city. So she trusted me to get it right. I guess I did well. :) I received three referrals from that wedding and found myself loving this new direction I was heading into and wanting to make a full time switch to it. That was in 2007. Three years and 65 weddings later I quit my day job and made wedding photography my full time career.
What is your favorite part of your job?
Walking into the bride’s getting ready suite the day of the wedding. The anticipation and excitement of what is to come is at an all time high. I love capturing that feeling!
What is your favorite tip to share with brides?
Wedding time is not real time. You’ll hear me saying that over and over again. A realistic, relaxed timeline is the secret to wedding day bliss.
What is a typical day at work like for you?
I wear a lot of hats at my job, mainly because I am a perfectionist. But on a regular day during wedding season, I will bounce around from answering emails to editing, to client meetings and end the day with engagement sessions at sunset. I don’t have set hours for each of these tasks (other than the sessions). I go by feeling because that yields the best results.
What do you normally wear?
A black conservative cocktail dress for the day of the wedding, PJs when I edit at home and a stylish outfit that will give clients a little insight into who I am for meetings at my studio.
Tell us something that most people don’t know about you.
I grew up wanting to be a fashion designer… specifically, a wedding dress designer. I still have my sketches from circa 1996. Another interesting fact is that I have never been a second shooter or worked for anyone else as a wedding photographer.
What’s your favorite way to relieve stress?
Shred415. I am new to it, but for a girl that did not like working out, Shred is exactly what I needed to change my sugar loving ways. Walking out of that room drenched in sweat and high on endorphins is how I like to start my day.
Do you have a beauty product or trick you swear by?
Tightlining. It gives you darker, thicker, longer looking lashes before you even apply mascara!
If you could only watch one show or movie for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Project Runway. Over and and over and over again. I LOVE IT!

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