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Get to Know: Ashley

Get to Know: Ashley | La Belle Fleur Events

When did you know you wanted to be a wedding planner?

It didn’t really occur to me until I was in my last couple of months of college. I had always loved weddings, and spent countless hours perusing Martha Stewart Weddings, but I didn’t realize it could be an actual career.

What is your favorite part about wedding planning?

I love helping clients create a design concept for their wedding. It’s exciting when they can share parts of their story with me, and I can interrupt that into new ideas to execute in their wedding design.

My most embarrassing moment is ____________.

When I was around 11, I was babysitting for a family that lived in a quadraplex. (We lived on an Air Force base, so this was super common!) We were playing hide and seek outside, and I ran around the house to look for the kids. I walked in the back door — to realize I was in the wrong house. There was a whole family sitting on the couch looking at me. #Awkward

Get to Know: Ashley | La Belle Fleur Events

What are things you’ll always find in your purse?

A notebook, too many pens, 5 of the same color of lip gloss / chapstick, Grapefruit La Croix and rice cakes or an RX bar…I’m always hungry and thirsty!

When I go shopping, I normally splurge on:

Beauty products! Oops. I’m a sucker for really great skin care items. My favorites are Lush, First Aid Beauty and anything that’s typically on the more organic-side.

My favorite stores to shop are _________.

Usually, Target, H&M and Loft.

Get to Know: Ashley | La Belle Fleur Events

My favorite restaurant in the city is  _________ but I’m dying to try _______.

Rangoli. I could eat it every day, but for my waistline, I shouldn’t. I also love, love, love brunch at Lula Cafe. I could go on and on about how much I love everything they create. I’m dying to try Duck Duck Goat and Monteverde. 

You’ll always find me munching on __________.

Rice cakes…OR cherry tomatoes and garlic hummus.

My favorite drink is ____________.

Mariano’s hot chocolate with almond milk. Hands down. I’m SO lame. I do love to try new cocktails about..once a month? LOL Or we love a great Syrah.

Shows I can’t stop myself from watching ________.

Oh gosh, I love a good netflix binge. My tops: RHOBH or RHONYC, The Affair, PLL (SO EMBARRASSING!), Veep and The Sopranos –> Almost done with the series. 🙁

A movie I can always watch on repeat ___________.

Sex and the City –> the first one. The second  one was…meh. Pitch Perfect –> the first one. The second one was…meh. Apparently I don’t have a thing for sequels. 😉

A phrase that I say all the time is ______.

I had to ask Erin. She said I say “I digress” quite often. 😉

What’s a random fact a lot of people don’t know?

I ran a half marathon in October of 2014, and haven’t run since. Oops. Now that Connor is training for the Chicago marathon, I’m feeling inspired to run again! I just have to wait until my pinched nerves heal.

Get to Know: Ashley | La Belle Fleur Events


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Ashley and the La Belle Fleur Events Team
Ashley and the La Belle Fleur Events Team
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