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5 Expenses to Consider for Your Wedding Day Look

When creating your wedding day look, it’s a common mistake to think you can spend it all on the dress. There are many other pieces to consider when creating the look you want. Knowing these expenses will save you from being overwhelmed and having buyer’s remorse.

  1. Hair and Makeup Trials

Getting to know your hair and makeup artist is super important! You should definitely do a trial with him or her before you book him or her for your wedding. Trials can cost anywhere from $100-$200, but knowing you love your hair and makeup months before the wedding will be a huge stress relief! Tip: Try and plan your trial before a date night or bridal shower and put it to good use!

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  1. Dress alterations

Dress alterations can be minimal, but they can also rise very quickly! Alterations typically run in the few hundreds, if there is no custom work being done. A simple hem and bustle will keep your prices low, but often dresses need more than that. Tips: Some designers offer a hollow to hem measurement, which means the dress should already come in at the perfect length! Also, a dress with a corset back is perfect for a bride that is planning on losing a good amount of weight. The dress will not have to be taken in every time you lose five pounds!

Tips for Your Wedding Day Look | La Belle Fleur Events


  1. Accessories

Oh, that sash they put on you and it MADE the dress, it’s $300, by the way. And the cathedral veil that had everyone in tears, it’s $500. It’s important to remember that your wedding accessories are just as important as the dress itself.

Often brides think they will just purchase inexpensive jewelry to keep costs down, especially if they do not wear it often. The truth is, they are timeless pieces that you can wear on your first anniversary, or pass down to your kids one day. Tips: Think about the length of time you will be wearing each accessory before purchasing. If you are going to change into sandals after the ceremony, don’t splurge on your Manolo Blahniks. Remember, accessories such as your earrings will be in almost every picture! Think about what is most important to you before shopping for accessories.

Tips for Your Wedding Day Look | La Belle Fleur Events


  1. Proper Undergarments

The secret to a perfect dress fit, is the perfect undergarments. Fabric on fabric is always going to be a smoother look than fabric on skin. You should plan on spending around $150 on undergarments. Shapewear is huge right now, and for a good reason, they can make you look and feel amazing. Depending on the style of your dress, you may need Spanx, a corset, or bra that come in every possible form. Tip: Getting bra cups sewn into your dress can be a lifesaver if you hate bras! Also, bring all of your undergarments to your fittings to be sure they work.

Tips for Your Wedding Day Look | La Belle Fleur Events


  1. Dressing for the weather

As much as we love Chicago, the weather can really put a damper on the perfect wedding venue. Even though you would like to hope that it will not be cold, or rain, or sleet, or be excruciatingly humid, it is important to plan for it anyways! If you are getting married in Fall or Winter, it is important to have some warm gear, especially if it’s an outdoor wedding. The bride should have a stole or a cardigan, and plan for the bridesmaids to get shawls. It’s also important to have umbrellas, or have a planner that is sure to :) Either way, you will be happier to have them, just in case!

Happy planning! xo

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