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Staying Motivated When Things Get You Down

Last week, I decided to join an old friend for a workout class at our gym. Those who know me, know that I’m no stranger to the gym; I’m there most days of the week and last year even ran a half marathon. I’m no crossfit world champ, but I’d like to say that I’m pretty fit.

So when I decided to go to 6:30am Yoga Sculpt for the first time, I didn’t think anything of it. Oh lord was I wrong. Within 15 minutes, I was thinking what sort of torture did I get myself into? Then I got sick: like the room was spinning and feeling flu-ish kind of sick. I decided to step out of the room for a minute to cool off, and then rejoin the class. After I did that, I immediately felt sick again. Instantly, I could feel myself getting overwhelmed with embarrassment. How could I not handle this class? How am I the only one who can’t finish this class? Everyone else seems to be doing just fine…and negative thought after negative thought.  I was wishing that I could just leave the gym, and not have to face my friend, the teacher and the rest of the class. That would have worked out except that any Yogi knows you take off your shoes before class, and I needed them to get home.

So, there I was trying to pretend like everything was fine when in reality I was mortified. The teacher tried to explain to me that sometimes our bodies need time, sometimes we’re just having a bad day, and yada yada. All I could think was, she must think I never work out! I felt like I had something to prove to HER.

After laying down for a bit at home, the sick feeling went away, and slowly but surely my embarrassment started to subside. I realized it wasn’t her that I needed to prove anything to. In reality, I probably wasn’t the first or the last who had to leave the class, and that she likely wouldn’t even remember me. The person I really needed to prove wrong was myself.

The next day, my alarm went off at 6am again, and I immediately put my workout clothes on and headed out the door. I knew I had something to prove to myself. I want to be stronger and more fit, and I want to get back in that yoga class, and not only finish, but kick some butt. I had totally flopped the day before, and it motivated me to get up and try again.

I realized that motivation and habit often come from failure, and lots of it. When I first started training for my half, I could barely run 3miles, and I certainly couldn’t run at least 5miles without complaining about how it was a slow and steady torture. There were runs that felt like I was being lapped by a tortoise, and some where I had to stop. Yet, on the day of the race, I ran at my fastest time and it was fun! But, I had at least 36 runs before that day, and I know there were at least a third that royally stunk.



(My best friend Brittany and I after finishing 13.1 miles!)

The difference was that I had a goal to meet and I was the one fighting for it. I could have given up, but I knew that I really wanted to accomplish this.

No matter what you do in life whether your a business owner, employee or trying to reach a certain goal, there are going to be a lot of times when it feels like you’re seeing failure a lot more than you’d like. It’s not always easy to stay motivated and not give up during those times, but it’s really those tests that push you to keep going. I’ve heard a lot of NOs in my time; I’ve seen some doors close right in front of my face, and there were days when I felt like my body just had it out to get me. (Hi last Wednesday!) But keep going because when you finally accomplish that goal or get that reward, you’ll know that it wasn’t just a stroke of luck. It came with a lot of dedication, and you’ll not only be accomplished but a heck of lot stronger too.

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